Making the most of a small bathroom can be challenging, but there are multiple ways to make use of the space available. Just like small kitchen design, you can make the room seem bigger with the right design and cabinetry. Following are some of the most effective tips for maximizing a small bathroom.

1. Floating Shelves

Like a small kitchen, one of the biggest problems with a small bathroom is lacking the space you need to store everyday items. By placing floating shelves on the walls, you can take advantage of vertical space to make more room.

2. Under Sink Storage

If you have a standalone sink and lack a bathroom counter, you can still use this area to place your items. Purchase a storage basket or small drawer container, and place it under the sink. Alternatively consider replacing a stand alone sink with a compact bathroom vanity that can add beauty and storage space to the room.

3. Store Some Items Outside

If your bathroom is just too small for all of the items you’re accustomed to keeping there, relocate some of your less frequently-used goods to another area nearby. You can put things you don’t use every day, such as extra towels or fragrances, in a shelved closet.

4. Add a Wall Mirror

You may be fine with the actual storage space, but you may dislike the cramped appearance of the room. Adding a large wall mirror can create the illusion of more depth even in a small space.

5. Use Lighting to Enhance the Room

The right lighting can make a room seem larger. Recessed ambient light, light directed toward the ceiling or light used to spread across a wall all provide the effect of a larger space.

6. Take Advantage of Colors

Decorate or paint the bathroom in bright and cheerful colors such as bold yellows or oranges in order to make the space more lively. Drab colors may make the walls seem closer or make the room feel like a dungeon.

7. Only Keep the Things You Need

No matter the size of the bathroom, it can become cluttered quickly if you constantly bring in more items that aren’t being used. From day to day, make sure to only bring in items as you need them such as hair appliances or shower supplies.

8. Install a Corner Rack

Just like a floating shelf, a rack placed in a corner allows you to take advantage of space you normally wouldn’t be able to use. On a corner rack, you can hang cloths, towels or robes.

9. Change the Toilet

If possible, replace your existing toilet with an elongated compact model. It will still be the same size, but it has a more comfortable, and slimmer, seat.

10. Install a Compact Tub

Install a bathtub that is made for smaller spaces. Curved and compact tubs are made to be shorter in length while still being deep and wide for comfortable bathing.

11. Use a Small Faucet

Though it may seem like an insignificant change, using a small single-hole faucet actually provides extra space along the top of the sink. You can use this to store soaps, shaving cream, toothbrushes and other toiletries that get used frequently.

Even if some of the aforementioned tips may seem like a challenge, you are likely to notice a positive difference by implementing at least one of these methods on its own or as part of a bathroom remodel.